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Email Marketing Solution – 5 Reasons You Need One

Every business needs an email marketing solution. You don’t have one? Perhaps it’s time for you to start evaluating one. These email solution automates a large part of your daily marketing tasks. As such you will have more time to spend on other tasks in your business. Following are 5 strong reasons why you should automate your business with an automatic marketing solution.

5. Automatic eMail Marketing Campaigns

Your marketing solution allows you to create and run email marketing campaigns for your business. You can run promotions for any of your products. You can send offer e-courses to your customers. You can also run different campaigns for your customers and your prospects.

4. Follow-Up AutoResponders

Most reputable email marketing software allows the creation of any number of auto responders, singles or sequential. Such a system enables you to easily prepare professional messages. These messages can then be configured to respond automatically for certain email addresses. You develop your own electronic marketing autoresponder. As such, your businesses have a chance to increase sales by following up with your prospects and responding to their queries automatically.

3. Mass Message Broadcast

The email marketing solution provides you with a way to send out scheduled messages. You can broadcast newsletters and product updates to your subscribers. This can be configured for any number of times, as and when you wish to do so. You basically just set it up once and forget about it. It runs on its own as configured.

2. eMail Delivery Immediate and Guaranteed

A small number of these email solutions guarantee a reliable email delivery service. You are thus, assured that your marketing campaigns will reach its designated mailboxes. Besides the guarantee, these systems provide immediate email replies and form based responses. Within seconds of submitting a form or send an email query, your subscribers receive their replies and responses.

1. Monitor and Tracking

An email campaign solution provides you with the means to monitor and track your marketing performance. You get statistics that monitors all your marketing campaigns. Your sales performance for any specific time period is available for you to view.

The statistics can also be used to tune your campaign. Statistics also shows you how your products are doing in the market. You are able to track everything about your business.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Affiliate Marketing Manager

There are a lot of expectations when it comes to managing a business and those entire burdens are turned to the affiliate marketing manager. Before proceeding to the duties and responsibilities of an affiliate marketing manager, what are the abilities and skills one should have to qualify in that position?

An affiliate marketing manager must be:

o Creative, detail oriented and organized

o Flexible to be able to work with projects that can be diverse

o Positive, enthusiastic, posses the ability to work in fast-paced environment that requires deadlines and must have a certain level of professionalism.

o A team player who can work well in a multitasking office where overtime is in demand and traveling is compulsory.

o Able to communicate well in all aspects of life to maintain and build fruitful relationships.

o Proficient in using the commands and programs like Microsoft Office Applications in the computer. Also a genius when it comes to navigating through the internet.

Down to the responsibilities. To make it short and precise, an affiliate marketing manager is someone who:

1. Support sales of the affiliates with initiatives regarding marketing and promoting to achieve the entire distribution goals.

2. Develop marketing campaigns that can make quite an impact and attain innovation of promotions and campaigns about promotion to establish his company as the leader in the affiliate marketing industry.

3. Optimize and manage every aspect of a program in affiliate marketing. This will include application for incentives, recruitment, daily program management and recommending.

4. Handle all levels of communication with affiliates, answer phone conversation and e-mails that will tackle in the area of answer different kinds of questions about the product, and terms of negotiation.

5. Manage and develop partnership promotional and marketing programs that are designed to build an overwhelming amount of sales and traffic.

Moving on, aside from the numerous responsibilities, here are some of the general duties of an affiliate marketing manager:

1. He has to work smoothly with the people around him, especially the marketing director, in order to implement and develop promotions and campaigns for marketing that will help promote the entire company’s dignity and the affiliate’s goals as well.

2. Manage daily marketing on the execution and development of the project that would include creative developments and all implementation courses; ensure the compliance of strategies and standards of the product; oversee outside agencies and vendors.

3. Coordinate different kinds of projects with several departments internally including on-air promotions, creative services, consumer, online, and advertising sales marketing. While doing so, foster positive and happy working relationships through constant communication in all departments.

4. Executes basic marketing projects like writing briefs, developing timelines, collect traffic tapes and artwork, manage necessary approval.

5. Contribute to the development of sales in materials. This will include collateral materials, sales decks, etc.

6. Fill in, prioritize and fulfill daily tasks and request from the entire sales team.

7. Perform other duties that are required and as directed.

All these duties and responsibilities may come out very exhausting but if you have the true spirit of an affiliate marketing manager, it will come out naturally. A manager is someone who performs tasks and duties that will contribute to the fullest emergence of his or her company.