How Can You Market With Carbon Copy Pro?

Carbon Copy Pro is a top tier direct sales company founded a couple of years ago by twp guys, Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson, and they have since built it into a powerhouse internet marketing company. Why has it grown so fast? One of the reasons is flexibility. This system is so simple and flexible, even a cave-person can do it. Here’s why…

Most internet marketing businesses online provide enough information for you to get your site up and marketing quickly. This is true with Carbon Copy Pro, however the system has a comprehensive online training system led by 5 and 6 figure per month income level producer/trainers to make sure you do not waste your time when you do get started. There are different web marketing strategies that you custom fit to your talents and budget.

A key flexibility feature of Pro is that you can use their technology to market any product or service you prefer. If your core business is an online travel agency, you can use the Ccpro system to market that instead of the primary product, Wealth Masters International (WMI). That is a feature that is truly unique to this online income generating system. You may reconsider promoting your own company when you begin to understand the income potential inherent in marketing WMI.

The real flexibility is in how the fully automated marketing system works. As your applications come in, you can choose to let the system run on autopilot or you can add your personal touch to the mix. By autopilot I mean that the Pro system has paid professional business coaches calling your applicants for you to answer questions and lead your potential newcomers to the next step. That is a huge benefit. You can just continue with your marketing day or add a personal touch by calling them yourself. You choose.

Finally, you have the option of outsourcing your internet marketing. Jay and Aaron have made available world class talent to provide outsourced solutions for most of the daily marketing chores that eat your valuable time. Regular seminars are provided to introduce these companies and their offerings.

To summarize, The Carbon Copy Pro system has a flexibility built into the marketing system that provides an unparalleled opportunity and support for internet marketing entrepreneurs. It has the capability of developing top producing professionals in a short period of time.