Internet Marketing Mentoring Strategies – Is You Marketing A Messy?

Odds are, if you’re not making any money form your marketing campaigns, than you’re probably all over the place. A solid marketing campaign should be clean and efficient. So how do you tell the difference between an organized campaign and a chaotic mess? Well that’s what I’m here to help you out with. This based on my 5+ years of experience and I hope you find this helpful.

The #1 Problem – Consistency

Consistency – or lack there of. To make sure I’m consistent with my marketing efforts I used a DAILY marketing schedule and I stick to this religiously. It doesn’t matter what’s going on, the sky could be falling for all I care, if it’s on my daily list, it needs to get done, PERIOD! Don’t let “how you feel” dictate your actions, your actions should be results driven. I know that doing tasks ABC will produce results XYZ…so you better believe I’m doing ABC…I’m singing the alphabet every damn morning. Consistency is the life blood to your business.

Problem #2 – Targeting

Whatever product or service you sell, think about all the potential markets you can target. Let’s take acne for example: when I think acne, I think teenager having the worst breakouts ever…but acne is not only a “teenager” issue. There are plenty if adults who struggle with acne every single day. Make sure to cater your marketing efforts to as many different niche customers as possible. If you write an article about teen acne and how you can help, than write another about adult acne and how you can help.

What I’m getting at is this: if your marketing efforts are too narrow, than you’re leaving tons of money on the table. Conversely, if your marketing is too broad, than you may be spreading yourself thin in your efforts to cater to everyone. You need understand your market and understand how to best reach them.

Problem #3 – Money

We’re not all made of money. Not all of us have a million dollar marketing budget. Knowing this, novice marketers try tons of different marketing strategies at once and their back in that (lost) mess again. Don’t go throwing crap on the wall and hoping something sticks. That’s not the way to go about it. Sit down and look at what it is that your are doing. Pick just 2 or 3 marketing methods and concentrate on these until you’ve mastered them. To the point where you’ve streamlined them. Don’t let your lack of funds stunt your business growth by trying to doing every possible strategy you can think of. Just chose a few strategies and be consistent in your efforts. When you make your first sale, roll it back into your marketing budget. Rinse and repeat and before you know it, your bringing in the cash! I hope my Internet Marketing Mentoring strategies will help you get your marketing off the ground and give you tons of consistent traffic to your site.