Key Universal Laws of Business For Network Marketers and Multilevel Marketers – The First Law

There are universal laws in all of created nature and humanity. Gravity, light, hunger, growth, and reproduction are good examples. Business is a necessary outgrowth of our human ingenuity, needs, production, and economic motivations. So, universal laws apply to business, as well.

The first law of network marketing and business that I want to cover is the universal working law of “Struggle.” Struggle is built into our world design. It can be seen from something like a chick struggling to crack and exit its egg, to a lady working out at a gym to push her body to be more healthy and strong, to a new person on the job getting trained, to a student in school trying to learn through listening, reading, doing bookwork, memorizing, and taking tests. Struggle is part of the fibre of our lives and it is very good for us. It helps us grow, get stronger, stay alive, learn, accomplish, compete, invent, become victorious, earn an income, maintain our health, and have relationships – oh what struggle and work they can take! Raising children with training and good discipline takes work. We can call it struggle, too.

The lack of the natural physical struggle that gravity gives causes our astronauts to create their own struggle by exercising in space. If you are out of the gravitational pull or lay still too long your muscles start to deteriorate (atrophy). The best musicians work hard and struggle with their musical craft. The best sales people practice and get experience. Great debaters practice and participate in debates. The best politicians… well, forget that! I guess they cause us to struggle. You are probably thinking that it is just work. That is it. The struggles of working at something.

Take a look at the concept of struggle within the business arena of network marketing. Based on what we already know about struggle, the first thing we must do is embrace the presupposition that struggle is good for us. It is productive, healthy, necessary, and right. Many of you have done that naturally in the process of growing up. Some of us have fought it and resented it. I am encouraging you, especially as network marketers, to embrace it as one of the best things in life. Yes, the struggle of building a network marketing business is a fantastic thing and will bring wonderful results.

That old saying, “the best things in life are free,” is true here. Struggle is free to you. It will come freely and frequently. Make it one of your best friends instead of a resented enemy. Approach your network marketing struggles like the athlete excitedly anticipating working out and competing, like a mother in her determination as she gives birth, like a child practicing a piano song and finally playing it, and like a retail employee helping a customer find what is needed.

To take action: (1) embrace struggle as a good thing that is helping you in your network marketing business; (2) apply yourself in your daily business struggles/work with enthusiasm and motivation, knowing that good things are developing in you and in your business; (3) read my articles defining weekly character qualities that can be helpful in the struggles of developing yourself; (4) engage the struggle in your daily marketing tasks: phone calling, advertising, writing, networking, training, selling, recruiting, emailing, being friendly, reading, going to meetings, being creative, and having a positive attitude.

Good Struggles for Now, Your Fellow Struggler
JF Hunt