SEO Consultant and Marketing Techniques

Organic Inbound Links

One of the most important things we fail to realize is link building and how it improves your optimization efforts. I am talking about organic link building and how it is more about other web sites than your own. You will be surprised how quickly you can move up the search engines with a simple method of link building.

Sources of Link Building

You need to build what is called organic inbound links from another website linking to your own and what you want to do is establish a network of inbound links to your site. You also want these links to be of high quality so as to not bring your site down in the search engine ranking. You must be selective in choosing which web site your going to place your links on as search engines evaluate the validity, usefulness, integrity and popularity of the linking sites.

Do not post links on Link Farms or do any interchanging with unknown sites as the search engines have changed there method of indexing and these do not work anymore. Your links should be relevant to your site and your audience and not just be a link from a popular site. To get the ranking you desire your source of inbound links should vary and this should be one of your daily marketing strategies that you work on in earnest.

Tools Are Useful

You can us a browser add-on called Google Toolbar which displays the rank of any web page you may be thinking of adding a link to. You can find out the integrity of the site before posting a link to your site. You certainly do not want Google to ban you for thinking a link is coming from a spam site or have your ranking reduced because a link has come from a poorly indexed site.

It works the other way around also by placing links on reputable sites will add value and can multiply very quickly putting you on your way to success. Imagine what having an entire network of sites linking to each other can do for your business. That is what a good SEO Consultant can do for you.

Use your SEO Consultant to help you put links on your websites for one of the pitfalls of doing it yourself is spam and viruses coming from some of the links. You surely do not want to spread viruses to your linking sites also.

New Content

You need new fresh, relevant content in the form of Press Releases, Articles, Blog, or Video with a link to your website. You place your links to keywords in your relevant articles that you submit to article directories, blogs and forums. This will help spread your relevant content on the web. But remember your visitors need to be updated regularly with the latest information in your niche, add content every week of about 2 to 3 pages of new content.

A SEO Consultant can provide this kind of content creation service for you increasing search visibility and bring visitors quickly along with free links to your new pages increasing the value of your website. And once you have the visitors coming and the site is making profits she can keep the propulsion going on a regular basis for you.